Much Ado About Nothing

22 04 2010

Since I am getting flack for my lack of blogging the past week, I will give you a summary of the notable things that happened over the last 7 days.

Thursday: Rimfire and I kicked a ball back and forth in the driveway. No one said anything funny.

Friday: Rimfire put a Caterpillar in a jar.

Saturday: We sold our battering ram Expedition. Drove to a few dealers looking for a new car. Didn’t find any. Ate Mexican for lunch.

Sunday: Rimfire let the caterpillar go. Ate at Waffle House for lunch.

Monday: We didn’t watch wrestling tonight, but I did find out that all the stars of the WWE have been stranded in Europe for the last week due to the volcano.

Tuesday: Rimfire and I kicked a ball back and forth in the driveway. No one said anything funny.

Wednesday: Volleyball practice. The pictures looked exactly the same as last week.

So there you have it. I bet you sorry you missed all that aren’t you.

We Need More……. Volleyball?

14 04 2010

Rimfire decided she wanted to learn volleyball, so I took her to her first lesson today.

As far as I can tell a “lesson” consist of 20 girls running around in random directions, while trying to avoid being hit by volleyballs.

Rimfire was a little hesitant at first, but once her coach tackled her and drug her back to the gym she was fine.

She even started to enjoy herself after a while and began to ham it up for the camera.

Then the volleyball started floating away, and she tried to catch it. (I think, I kinda spaced out there for a bit)

I’m not sure what she’s doing here. I think she’s showing the other girls what she would be doing if it was soccer practice. I believe that’s referred to as “cross-training”

I’m pretty sure we are witnessing the birth of the next great volleyball star.  Or at least……. the birth of the end of my lazy Wednesday afternoons for a while.


12 04 2010

Buckshot decided he needed to help JD with some yard work this weekend. I’m not sure why he wanted to do this, but he looked like he was having fun riding around on a lawn mower that resembles Archie and Jughead’s car…… after a demolition derby. (I keeed, I keeed)

What in the world would make a teenager decide to spend a few hours in the hot sun mowing grass and spreading straw.  Why would he subject himself to this torture?

Perhaps he just thought he needed a tan and some exercise. Yard work is a great way to get both.

Maybe he wanted to learn more about horticulture and nature. He is a curious lad.

I still haven’t figured it out yet.

The world may never know what he’s thinking.

*note – I was fully aware of the danger I was in by being in such close proximety to JD and a few bales of straw. Don’t worry, I had a fire extinguisher right next to me and had already dialed 9-1 into my phone.

Back at Last……

11 04 2010

OK, that was some Spring Break. So good that I didn’t feel the urge to blog much, hardly at all.

In fact, I have decided that I will just keep on taking a break.

I’m already taking weekends off, and now I have decided no more daily blog post.

From now on, I am only posting when I have something to post that directly relates to my family.

No more useless filler, YouTube links, dumb jokes, or politics. (well, maybe a little politics)

So, since I am only posting when I feel like it have something, I suggest you subscribe to the blog.

If you look over to the right you will see a little button that says “sign me up” click on that and add your email address and you’ll get an email whenever I put up a new post.

Could be every day or it could be once a week. Just depends on what’s going on in our lives.

Now that that’s out of the way….. We had a blast in Tennessee for Spring Break.

Monday: Drive to Tennessee, Buckshot, Rimfire and MoonPie jump on ATV’s, Moon rides her brand new ATV fifteen feet then runs up a telephone pole guidewire and flips it. She jumps back on and rides without issue the rest of the afternoon. At dusk Buckshot buries himself in his iPod and phone for the day, while the girls play in the sandbox until bedtime. The girls did manage to find themselves two pet frogs. Sandy and Buster.

Tuesday: Pa Ammo and I use his loaders to build a few ATV trails in the woods for the kids. Moon and Rimfire only get out of the sandbox long enough to eat and ride ATV’s. Sandy escapes somehow, leaving Buster to take the brunt of the girls affection. Buckshot listens to his iPod, texts, rides his ATV, texts, runs into tree with ATV, and texts. JD cooks us dinner.

*reenactment, the actual fire was too large to photograph…. I think NASA may have gotten a few shots of it.

Wednesday: Buster dies. Girls in sandbox and Buckshot on phone texting. Then we load up the ATV’s and head to another place to ride, then spend the rest of day looking for ticks.

Thursday: Girls in sandbox right up until the time we get in the truck for the ride back to Georgia.

The kids and I had a blast, and they are already asking to go back again.

Now for the pictures. There were way too many to post here but I did create a web gallery.

Click here for all kinds of pictures of us wreaking havoc on the ATV’s

lol atv

7 04 2010

Random Photos from TN (Spring Break)

6 04 2010

I Didn’t Hear Anything….

5 04 2010

Did you guys notice anything odd in the photo of Rimfire in my last post?

This one.

Like the fact that there is a truck impaled into the garage door.

This is what I find when I pull into the driveway Friday afternoon.

Me: What’s up with your truck?

Miss Fire: What do you mean?

Me: Uh…… It looks like it slammed into the garage.

Miss Fire: Oh….. really?

Me: Yeah, did you put it in park?

Miss Fire: It didn’t roll, I just pulled into it.

Me: WHAT???? WHY????

Miss Fire: I don’t know. I didn’t hear anything.

Me: What does that mean?

Miss Fire: I don’t know, I was just pulling forward to the garage. I didn’t hear anything. Are you sure I hit it?

Me: Yeah, you hit it. What do you mean “I didn’t hear anything”? Are you a bat? Do you navigate by sonar? Do you get off work, get in the car, start it up, close your eyes, then drive until you hear something? Is that how you get home? Is it?

Miss Fire: Whatever….. I didn’t hear anything.

Kid’s Need a Mentor

2 04 2010

April 1st, 7:30am

Rimfire: Your shoes untied.

Me: Not falling for it.

April 1st, 8:00am

Rimfire: You have something on your shirt. (points at shirt)

Me: Still not falling for it.

April 1st, 5:30pm

Rimfire: (talking into cell phone) Oh hey, uh huh…. uh huh… sure he’s right here. You’re wanted on the phone.

Me: You’re going to have to do better than that to trick me.

April 1st, 6:30pm

Me: (looking at phone) WHAT???? How can they do this???

Rimfire: What?

Me: I just got an email from your school.

Rimfire: About what?

Me: The board just voted to cancel Spring Break next week in order to make up for all the snow days this year.


Me: THAT’S how you do APRIL FOOLS!!!!!