Survivor: Baby Name Entry List

18 05 2010

Keep em coming folks.

I’ll try to keep this list updated

  1. Alaina Grace
  2. Ellie Belle
  3. Denese Terwilliger
  4. Danica Pace
  5. Dakota Finn
  6. Piper Terwilliger
  7. Sarah Elizabeth
  8. Delilah Reese
  9. Layna Quinn
  10. Natalie Claire
  11. Ella Raine
  12. Jozlyn Morrigan
  13. Dalia Blythe
  14. James Ellery
  15. Jama Leigh
  16. Jamie S.
  17. Jamie Lucille
  18. Maggie Deily Alice Della May
  19. Tipsy Topsy
  20. Gracie Toe Toe
  21. Patty Selma
  22. Emme Maree
  23. Chloe Rane
  24. Paysha Delight
  25. Hallie Layton
  26. Georgia Meadows
  27. Sienna Alva
  28. Molli Katlyn
  29. Julia Ann
  30. Juda Amanda

Seems to be a lack of Sci-Fi names on the list. Where’s JD?

Survivor: Baby Name

17 05 2010

Since I’ve been slacking off so much lately instead of posting, I have decided I need another contest to get me in the blogging mood. I also might be able to win back both of my readers.

Here’s the deal:

We got a baby coming that needs a name. I have decided (don’t tell Miss Fire) to give the blog collective a shot at it. We probably won’t use it, but you never know. You might just be sitting on the golden name.

It’s simple, all you have to do is submit a first and middle name in the comments. As many as you want. Just keep one entry per comment please. Just make sure it’s a first and middle name. Must be a complete set.

Girl names only. We have already decided on a boy’s name if needed. But, if you happen to think Smokey Rockytop is a perfect girl’s name, then feel free to submit it. Actually, that just may be the winner.

Once I have all the names, I will split them into two brackets and let them battle it out. Each day there will be a new poll featuring two names to vote on. Winner moves on to the next round and the loser goes home, until we finally crown an ultimate champion.

So, there you go. Get busy! I’m shooting for at least 20 entries, but the more, the merrier. Actually, knowing my readers I’ll be lucky to get two. We’ll probably have a winner by noon.

And feel free to use that Smokey Rockytop one.

How We Do Homework

9 05 2010

Buckshot: I gotta draw a map of Argentina.

Me: On it… (goes to get Mini Display Port to HDMI Adapter, fires up MacBook, downloads map of Argentina, plugs into home theatre, tapes poster board to screen)

And VOILA!!! A perfect map of Argentina.

Ok, so this isn’t the actual map he drew. I forgot to grab a picture of it, but it pretty much looked exactly like the picture we downloaded.

That was one of the easiest school projects ever. We even finished up in time to watch a few scenes of Avatar.

Weekly Wrap Up

5 05 2010

Another week down.

I was able to put up a few post this week, but it was still pretty slow.

Let’s see what we have…

Thursday: I can’t remember. That was too long ago. I should probably be keeping a diary journal

Friday: Uuuuummm. Man, I really gotta get that journal.

Saturday: OK, I know this one. We bought a pimped out minivan. I mowed the yard. We ate Chicken Alfredo for dinner.

Sunday: Rimfire and Buck Shot played ball out in the front yard. I tried to get an extra key made for the van at the hardware store, but apparently Honda makes those things out of unobtanium. I think we ate leftovers, not sure on that.

Monday: Once again, I can’t remember anything we did worth writing. I’m starting to think these weekly wrap ups are a bad idea. This may be the last.

Tuesday: OOOH! OOOH! OOOH! School play. I know that one. We went to the school play. Just see the previous post for more details.

Wednesday: Nothing much for today. All we did was go to the Dr. and get an ultra sound. Ya know, boring stuff I’m sure you’re not interested in.

Baby at 13 1/2 weeks.

We’re going to need a new code name.

P.S. – We may or may not know the gender already.  I might tell you if you’re really nice.

A Star is Born

4 05 2010

Rimfire’s performance group’s last show of the year was tonight.

I hate to brag, but I think it pretty safe to say she was the star.

In fact, she was more than the star, she was the hardest working kid in the cast.

She did everything…..

Performing on stage….

Placing props around the stage….

Special effects….

Who do you think is back there making Jack’s beanstalk move and grow???? Rimfire, that’s who.

Head background mover….

Chief animal trainer

Singing and dancing…

And of course…. starring at me to make sure I was getting pictures…

Miss Communication

3 05 2010

Miss Fire and I had the following email exchange today:

From MF to Me:

I’m setting up the auto bill-pay, call Gas South and find out what we owe them this month, please:

From Me to MF:

Hey, that’s the wrong number. I called it and some angry sounding dude answered. He didn’t know anything about Gas South.

From MF to Me:

That’s our account number….. Dummy.

From Me to MF:

Well good Lord!

You say call Gas South and then immediately follow that with a 10 digit number. What the Hell was I supposed to think?

Sheesh Woman….. Think!

From MF to Me:

Whatever….. Call them.

Totally her fault.

New Wheels

1 05 2010


We bought another car today. No more car pooling!

Car pooling isn’t that bad, but Miss Fire and I are definitely not morning people…. or evening people.

Our conversations were mostly us complaining about the others driving:

ARE you TRYING to kill us???!!!

Why are you in the this lane?

Do you want to just go ahead and hop in the back seat of that car in front of us since we are so close?

And the always popular:

The graveyard is full of people that had the right a way.

All that’s behind us now.

We got a new ride.

It took us a long time to decide on what to get.

Miss Fire didn’t like what I picked out…

She wanted something a little more cool and sporty.

We eventually came to an agreement and picked up this….

Yes, yes, I know. The dreaded soccer-mom minivan

It gives us more capacity and room than the Expedition we sold, and gets much better gas mileage.

We are pretty happy with it.

Of course, we did have the dealer install a few subtle options to reflect our taste….

I think it turned out pretty well.

Weekly Update

27 04 2010

I’m thinking we lead the most boring lives ever.

Absolutely nothing blogworthy has happened in the last week (again)

Well….. Rimfire did say one funny thing this week, but it was about my weight, so I won’t be repeating it.

Like last week, I’ll just give a daily rundown:

Thursday: Rimfire had her first day of CRCT testing at school. (She said it was easier than she was expecting) We ate Papa John’s pizza for supper.

Friday: Rimfire went to her Dad’s after school. Miss Fire and I stayed home and ate leftover pizza.

Saturday: Almost mowed the yard, but it was sprinkling somewhere in the county. Didn’t want to chance it.

Sunday: We went car shopping again. Still haven’t found one yet, but we did figure out that we weren’t even looking for the right car anyway. Now we get to start all over with a completely different car. We ate Mexican for dinner.

Monday: More test for Rimfire at school. (Today was the dreaded math section).

Tuesday: Last day of testing for Rimfire.  I decided I was bored and went ahead and put out a weekly update even though I haven’t gotten to Wednesday yet. I am fairly confident that nothing remarkable will happen in the next day or so. If it does I’ll be sure to put it up. I’m not sure what we’re having for dinner. I’ll add it to the comments if you’re that concerned about it.

Oh, here’s a picture depicting the last week for Sister.