I’ll just repeat an earlier post for the about me page. It does a good job of introducing the main characters in the blog….. especially me.

All right, it’s time to put a face with the names you’re going to be reading about on the blog. It seems like most of the other bloggers use code names (or “handles” if you grew up in the 70’s good buddy) for family members, and since this blog is just as good, if not better, I’ll use code names as well.

Besides, real names are for losers. You’d never see “Walter Hoenwald” written on a F-14 pilot’s helmet. No way, those guys have cool tough sounding names like Viper, Ice Man, Cougar, and Goose…….. Wait, what? OK, forget that last one, but the point still stands: Code names are awesome.

I’ll prove it. You’re cruising around in your Mig 21 over the Baltic Sea and you see a couple of planes on your radar. You tune in and hear this:

“Hey Pete, Captain says we gotta go over and provide air support for a disabled ship that’s drifting into enemy waters”

“Sure thing Tom, I’ll meet you there”

What are you going to do Ivan? You’re going to fly over there all by yourself and shoot those Yankee dogs out of the sky aren’t you. But, what if you tune in and hear this:

“Maverick, Captain is ordering us to provide air support for a disabled ship drifting into enemy waters”

“Roger Ice Man, I’m on your six”

Now what are you going to do? Now you’re thinking those guys sound tough, I better round up five of my buddies to fly over there with me. You then get you butt kicked because people with code names don’t mess around.

Ok, I got a little sidetracked there. It may have something to do with a movie I watched last night. Back to the task at hand…..

Bring in the fools!

Miss Fire

This lovely lady is my wife, she will be known as Miss Fire. The picture is a little old, but she says I can’t use any picture of her taken post 2006. I don’t know what her problem is, it’s not like I would embarrass her or anything.


Next up we have my handsome stepson Buckshot. He is getting his drivers license soon, and is sure to be the subject of many post if he drives anything like his mother. I plan on handing out the blogs web address to all the girls he brings over to the house.


Rimfire is next in line. My stepdaughter is in the 3rd grade and is not camera shy at all. She is not afraid to try anything and is one of the smartest kids I know. It’s getting harder and harder to trick her into fetching beers drinks for me.

And now it’s time for me. I really wanted to use Snow Man for my handle since ‘Smokey and the Bandit” is one of my all time favorite movies, but Kanye has already called me Ammo Guy and I don’t want to confuse both my readers.

I now present to you Ammo Guy:

Ammo Guy

Your welcome ladies.

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