Going Out of Business…. Sorta.

11 06 2010

I think this blog has run it’s course.

The updates have been pretty scarce lately (I haven’t missed it)

I’ve decided to go a different route.

I really only started this blog to keep the family updated on our day to day activities and to provide pictures of the kids.

It was kind of a pain in the butt. I had to think of somewhat witty things to say (while having no aspirations of ever being a writer), edit photos, resize and export photos, upload the photos to a server, link then to the blog, then format everything. In other words… I had to do a bunch of crap that I didn’t enjoy.

All that’s over now.

I’m moving this operation to Flickr.

Now I can just click on a photo in iPhoto, add a caption, and click one button. I can handle that.

It’s a win-win, you get more high quality pictures, and I have less to do.

You can also leave comments, but you may have to create a Flickr account of your own. I’m not sure about that, but it’s free.

So, head on over and check it out.

I even have a Flickr app for my phone, so I’ll be sure to add at least one picture a day.



7 responses

13 06 2010

I just want to go on the record to say I am not happy about this. Not only did I want pictures but I enjoyed the written stories that accompanied them. A one line is not cutting the mustard, you could have done that with Facebook.

13 06 2010
Ammo Guy


YOUR family creates more colorful stories on any given day than mine and Zoli’s do in a week… COMBINED. And yet, there is no blog from YOU.

Your argument is therefore invalid.

13 06 2010

Mine tend to have consequences that go along with their stories, so no publishing. Also, I’m not very talented when it comes to writing.

Now it is Valid

13 06 2010
M on the Mountain

I am not sure what the other site is doing – are we just seeing the pictures?

13 06 2010
Ammo Guy

Yes, the Flickr site is just pictures. If you guys want I can quit doing that one as well.

13 06 2010
M on the Mountain

Don’t get mad – we just love your funny side. I can’t wait to see what little Sarah is doing.

14 06 2010

I think it’s great. You SHOULD quit. Then I’ll be the only family blog with pictures AND stories. And since everyone is clamoring for that, I think they’d be happy to pay a subscription rate. I’ll put the paypal button back on.

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