Main Event – Winner Revealed

26 05 2010

Thank God this is almost over with. I am so tired of creating polls.

Never again.

Sarah Elizabeth takes it. I am still having trouble getting Miss Fire to agree to it though.

I may have to request that the Dr give her a few “extra” drugs. Maybe then I can sneak it onto the Birth Certificate.

Now that I think about it, maybe I should just request a Certification of Live Birth…… I hear those are easier to forge. I can put whatever I want on that one.



9 responses

26 05 2010

well…lets see what name margie wants for the new bb…

26 05 2010
M on the Mountain

Why are people so jealous? Ammo Guy are you not going to have polls for all the others?

26 05 2010
M on the Mountain

Sarah is Ellery’s great-great Grandmother’s name and Alva is his great grandmother’s name

26 05 2010

that’s it?! What happened to Hanna Solo?! What about Boba Jett?! dang, I’m out for a week and the whole place goes haywire….

26 05 2010
Ammo Guy

Some people update their blogs more frequently than bi-monthly.

28 05 2010
M on the Mountain

Come on I need to know what to call my grandchild.

30 05 2010
M on the Mountain

I am declaring Sarah Beth the winner. Is she gaining weight?

31 05 2010
M on the Mountain

If Amanda will start calling her Sarah Beth now it will grow on her.

31 05 2010

I think it should be Sarah Olivia. Then her initials would be SOL.


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