25 05 2010

The bracket is heating up now.

Soon we will have our Ultimate Intercontinental Heavyweight Babyname Champion.



7 responses

25 05 2010

I’m not voting. M on the Mountain has skewed the voting process by voting for her names MULTIPLE times and altering the outcome. You should have seen this coming and fixed it where you could only vote for your name once and one vote for a name you didn’t choose. Oh well, I guess you could always name it something you and Miss Fire come up with.

25 05 2010
Ammo Guy

M is following the rules.

– From How’s It Going To Work-
“Choose your favorite in each poll. The polls will stay open until 10 pm. You can vote as often as you like, but I’m keeping the results hidden until the polls close that day.”

Don’t hate the playa, hate the stupid game I invented.

25 05 2010
M on the Mountain

You knew you could vote as often as you liked and you could submit as many names as you wanted. You should not have been so lazy.

25 05 2010
M on the Mountain

Vote as often as you wish they are ALL my names.

25 05 2010

those names are stupid…you all should be happy with the names you made it out of there with…shew margie…your supposta be setting an example…

25 05 2010
M on the Mountain

I can only imagine what you will name your children

25 05 2010

I’m with M. And furthermore, I believe the poll winner SHOULD be the name. So I say we band together and call her whatever wins no matter what Ammo/Miss Fire name her.

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