Survivor: Baby Name

17 05 2010

Since I’ve been slacking off so much lately instead of posting, I have decided I need another contest to get me in the blogging mood. I also might be able to win back both of my readers.

Here’s the deal:

We got a baby coming that needs a name. I have decided (don’t tell Miss Fire) to give the blog collective a shot at it. We probably won’t use it, but you never know. You might just be sitting on the golden name.

It’s simple, all you have to do is submit a first and middle name in the comments. As many as you want. Just keep one entry per comment please. Just make sure it’s a first and middle name. Must be a complete set.

Girl names only. We have already decided on a boy’s name if needed. But, if you happen to think Smokey Rockytop is a perfect girl’s name, then feel free to submit it. Actually, that just may be the winner.

Once I have all the names, I will split them into two brackets and let them battle it out. Each day there will be a new poll featuring two names to vote on. Winner moves on to the next round and the loser goes home, until we finally crown an ultimate champion.

So, there you go. Get busy! I’m shooting for at least 20 entries, but the more, the merrier. Actually, knowing my readers I’ll be lucky to get two. We’ll probably have a winner by noon.

And feel free to use that Smokey Rockytop one.