How We Do Homework

9 05 2010

Buckshot: I gotta draw a map of Argentina.

Me: On it… (goes to get Mini Display Port to HDMI Adapter, fires up MacBook, downloads map of Argentina, plugs into home theatre, tapes poster board to screen)

And VOILA!!! A perfect map of Argentina.

Ok, so this isn’t the actual map he drew. I forgot to grab a picture of it, but it pretty much looked exactly like the picture we downloaded.

That was one of the easiest school projects ever. We even finished up in time to watch a few scenes of Avatar.



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10 05 2010
M on the Mountain

You make school projects very easy. Are you learning anything when you help?

12 05 2010


13 05 2010

First, I make the MoonPie find it in an encyclopedia. Then she has to read about it. Next we go to the library and check out three different books for cross-reference. Then we go to the airport and interview people as they arrive from Argentina. Finally, once she has a full grasp of the people, culture and various terrain, she draws it – pencil to start, then pastels, and finally ink.

But I’m sure he learned just as much your way.

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