Weekly Wrap Up

5 05 2010

Another week down.

I was able to put up a few post this week, but it was still pretty slow.

Let’s see what we have…

Thursday: I can’t remember. That was too long ago. I should probably be keeping a diary journal

Friday: Uuuuummm. Man, I really gotta get that journal.

Saturday: OK, I know this one. We bought a pimped out minivan. I mowed the yard. We ate Chicken Alfredo for dinner.

Sunday: Rimfire and Buck Shot played ball out in the front yard. I tried to get an extra key made for the van at the hardware store, but apparently Honda makes those things out of unobtanium. I think we ate leftovers, not sure on that.

Monday: Once again, I can’t remember anything we did worth writing. I’m starting to think these weekly wrap ups are a bad idea. This may be the last.

Tuesday: OOOH! OOOH! OOOH! School play. I know that one. We went to the school play. Just see the previous post for more details.

Wednesday: Nothing much for today. All we did was go to the Dr. and get an ultra sound. Ya know, boring stuff I’m sure you’re not interested in.

Baby at 13 1/2 weeks.

We’re going to need a new code name.

P.S. – We may or may not know the gender already.  I might tell you if you’re really nice.



8 responses

5 05 2010

well, Lord hab mercy…….how long have you been sittin’ on this?!

and how ’bout HMR?

5 05 2010

Holy Moly! You’re going to be an awesome dad. You are a stinky, tight-lipped brother, but you’ll be a good dad. Way to go Miss FIRE!

5 05 2010
M on the Mountain

I can’t wait – we are so excited. What a nice mother’s day surprise.

6 05 2010

Fantastic news. I know you guys are excited and I bet Brooke will love having her very own live dress up baby. Can’t wait to see ya’ll. Congratulations… Matthan and Stephanie find out Monday what they are having and they are due October 1st. Let us know what you are having.

6 05 2010

WOW, Im SOOO excited for you. Ms Key copied and pasted this news in an email to me last nite. Love you and Miss you. Let me know next time you are coming up and Ill try to make it in.

6 05 2010
M on the Mountain

I suggest BB for new code name.

6 05 2010
aunt ann

way to go every body needs one ann i need help some time

6 05 2010

Congrats cuz!!

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