Weekly Wrap Up

5 05 2010

Another week down.

I was able to put up a few post this week, but it was still pretty slow.

Let’s see what we have…

Thursday: I can’t remember. That was too long ago. I should probably be keeping a diary journal

Friday: Uuuuummm. Man, I really gotta get that journal.

Saturday: OK, I know this one. We bought a pimped out minivan. I mowed the yard. We ate Chicken Alfredo for dinner.

Sunday: Rimfire and Buck Shot played ball out in the front yard. I tried to get an extra key made for the van at the hardware store, but apparently Honda makes those things out of unobtanium. I think we ate leftovers, not sure on that.

Monday: Once again, I can’t remember anything we did worth writing. I’m starting to think these weekly wrap ups are a bad idea. This may be the last.

Tuesday: OOOH! OOOH! OOOH! School play. I know that one. We went to the school play. Just see the previous post for more details.

Wednesday: Nothing much for today. All we did was go to the Dr. and get an ultra sound. Ya know, boring stuff I’m sure you’re not interested in.

Baby at 13 1/2 weeks.

We’re going to need a new code name.

P.S. – We may or may not know the gender already.  I might tell you if you’re really nice.