Miss Communication

3 05 2010

Miss Fire and I had the following email exchange today:

From MF to Me:

I’m setting up the auto bill-pay, call Gas South and find out what we owe them this month, please:

From Me to MF:

Hey, that’s the wrong number. I called it and some angry sounding dude answered. He didn’t know anything about Gas South.

From MF to Me:

That’s our account number….. Dummy.

From Me to MF:

Well good Lord!

You say call Gas South and then immediately follow that with a 10 digit number. What the Hell was I supposed to think?

Sheesh Woman….. Think!

From MF to Me:

Whatever….. Call them.

Totally her fault.



3 responses

4 05 2010


4 05 2010

Thanks for the info. I hope no one calls your gas company and tells them to cancel your service. That would be mean.

4 05 2010
M on the Mountain

MF might have though you were so smart that you would know that was the account number.

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