Main Event – Winner Revealed

26 05 2010

Thank God this is almost over with. I am so tired of creating polls.

Never again.

Sarah Elizabeth takes it. I am still having trouble getting Miss Fire to agree to it though.

I may have to request that the Dr give her a few “extra” drugs. Maybe then I can sneak it onto the Birth Certificate.

Now that I think about it, maybe I should just request a Certification of Live Birth…… I hear those are easier to forge. I can put whatever I want on that one.


25 05 2010

The bracket is heating up now.

Soon we will have our Ultimate Intercontinental Heavyweight Babyname Champion.

Round Three

24 05 2010

Day 3 of this? Man, this is really dragging along.

Only one tie this time. I didn’t have a coin handy so I flipped the TV remote. (button side was heads)

Anyway…. Here’s the bracket.

Get to voting, let’s get this over with.

Sweet Sixteen

22 05 2010

Round one results are in.

How did your favorite do?

I have shown the results and updated the bracket.

There were two ties, so I had to flip a coin on a couple.

And So It Begins

22 05 2010

Pick one in each poll. If you REALLY like one, vote on it as often as you want.

In the event of a tie, I’ll flip a coin.

Here’s a link to the bracket. I’ll keep it updated as the contest goes on.

Feel free to make your predictions for the winner in the comments.

How It’s Going To Work

20 05 2010

Survivor: Baby Name starts Saturday morning.

I need 32 names in all, so if I don’t reach that number by tonight, I will add a few of my own into the mix.

At Midnight Saturday you’ll see 16 polls – each with 2 names to choose from.

Choose your favorite in each poll. The polls will stay open until 10 pm. You can vote as often as you like, but I’m keeping the results hidden until the polls close that day.

The next day there will be 8 polls made up of the winners, and so on, and so on, until we finally end up with just one ultimate name.

Miss Fire will then say “I don’t like it”. I’ll pretend to go along with her, but I’ll try to slip it onto the birth certificate while she’s preoccupied with the whole labor thing. I can’t make any promises, but I’ll do what I can.

Alabama Call Out

19 05 2010

So far we have Survivor: Baby Name entries from the great States of Tennessee and Georgia, but the Alabama Gang has been silent.

I can see your IP addresses people. I know you’re lurking around.

Don’t make me PhotoShop one of your heads onto that picture and tag you on Facebook.

I’ll be nice and give you one to get you started – Ali Bamie Lewis

Survivor: Baby Name Entry List

18 05 2010

Keep em coming folks.

I’ll try to keep this list updated

  1. Alaina Grace
  2. Ellie Belle
  3. Denese Terwilliger
  4. Danica Pace
  5. Dakota Finn
  6. Piper Terwilliger
  7. Sarah Elizabeth
  8. Delilah Reese
  9. Layna Quinn
  10. Natalie Claire
  11. Ella Raine
  12. Jozlyn Morrigan
  13. Dalia Blythe
  14. James Ellery
  15. Jama Leigh
  16. Jamie S.
  17. Jamie Lucille
  18. Maggie Deily Alice Della May
  19. Tipsy Topsy
  20. Gracie Toe Toe
  21. Patty Selma
  22. Emme Maree
  23. Chloe Rane
  24. Paysha Delight
  25. Hallie Layton
  26. Georgia Meadows
  27. Sienna Alva
  28. Molli Katlyn
  29. Julia Ann
  30. Juda Amanda

Seems to be a lack of Sci-Fi names on the list. Where’s JD?