Weekly Update

27 04 2010

I’m thinking we lead the most boring lives ever.

Absolutely nothing blogworthy has happened in the last week (again)

Well….. Rimfire did say one funny thing this week, but it was about my weight, so I won’t be repeating it.

Like last week, I’ll just give a daily rundown:

Thursday: Rimfire had her first day of CRCT testing at school. (She said it was easier than she was expecting) We ate Papa John’s pizza for supper.

Friday: Rimfire went to her Dad’s after school. Miss Fire and I stayed home and ate leftover pizza.

Saturday: Almost mowed the yard, but it was sprinkling somewhere in the county. Didn’t want to chance it.

Sunday: We went car shopping again. Still haven’t found one yet, but we did figure out that we weren’t even looking for the right car anyway. Now we get to start all over with a completely different car. We ate Mexican for dinner.

Monday: More test for Rimfire at school. (Today was the dreaded math section).

Tuesday: Last day of testing for Rimfire.  I decided I was bored and went ahead and put out a weekly update even though I haven’t gotten to Wednesday yet. I am fairly confident that nothing remarkable will happen in the next day or so. If it does I’ll be sure to put it up. I’m not sure what we’re having for dinner. I’ll add it to the comments if you’re that concerned about it.

Oh, here’s a picture depicting the last week for Sister.



4 responses

27 04 2010
M on the Mountain

What to you mean nothing will happen in the next few days. I am coming down Thursday and expecting have a party.

27 04 2010

A man that has nothing to blog about needs his wife to find more things for him to do around the house so he has something to talk about? Any ideas Miss Fire?

28 04 2010
Ammo Guy

Buffalo’s. We ate at Buffalo’s. Kids eat free on Tuesdays.

29 04 2010

Goat farm. We need more goat farm. That would make an excellent blog entry.

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